About Vagheggi cosmetics

Vagheggi is an Italian family business that produces plant-based phytocosmetic products while respecting people, animals, and the environment.

Fair trade

We follow a "fair trade" policy in the selection of active ingredients and insist on high-quality raw materials.

Plant-based active ingredients

The Vagheggi R&D department selects excellent and controlled quality plant-based active ingredients at specific concentrations to create truly effective phytocosmetic products. Each treatment is also an aromatherapy session contributing to perfect well-being.


Since 2013, our professional products are available not only to beauticians but also to everyone through our online store. Starting from January 1, 2022, we have opened our first store/showroom in Budapest.

We combine traditional natural cosmetics with the most advanced technology and research to create unique products.


Each product line is designed to include both professional cosmetic treatments and home products, thus guaranteeing 100% skincare.


The careful development and manufacturing process that meets all quality control requirements ensure the uniqueness and high quality of VAGHEGGI products.